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Latin Restaurant Weeks Special

Did you know we are a Latin-owned restaurant? Yes, that's right! 

Support Latin-owned businesses July 5th - 19th in honor of Latin Restaurant Weeks, and try our Hot Chicken Sandwich!

When owner Chef Hugo Ortega first immigrated from Mexico to Houston, he lived close to a Kentucky Fried Chicken. Due to having little money and never having tried fried chicken, KFC quickly became his go-to meal. After many years, fried chicken remains one of his favorite American dishes and KFC his guilty pleasure. Chef Hugo puts a Latin twist on this fried chicken sandwich by adding his habanero salsa recipe for a nice kick. This special is available at all times. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Hot Chicken Sandwich

chili-brined fried chicken, habanero salsa, coleslaw, dill pickles, chipotle aioli, brioche bun, fries $16

Add on a Mexican Coke for $3!